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In Canada prescription is not required to buy Sildenafil or Tadalafil while US customers must have an RX.

Viagra (generic sildenafil)

Viagra is an oral drug which is best known to deal with erectile dysfunction and similar erection issues like partial impotence or inability to achieve strong erection. Sildenafil Citrate is the component that makes Viagra so special. It allows men to achieve and sustain strong erection during several hours. Sildenafil improves the blood circulation to the genitals.

How to take Viagra?

Before taking Viagra consult with your doctor first. Avoid taking Viagra (Sildenafil) with alcoholic drinks. On average Viagra starts working in 30-45 minutes. Take one pill of this medicine with a glass of juice or fresh water. Expect the effect to last up to five hours. In rare cases Viagra might last longer or not work at all.

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Cialis (generic tadalafil)

Cialis was designed to treat ED or erectile dysfunction in men. In comparison to Sildenafil, Cialis (Tadalafil) in Canada is more popular due to better features of this drug. Cialis needs only 15-20 minutes to start working and it should last during 48 hours. When taking Cialis the sex should not be planned, just take one pill of tadalafil and be ready during the next 2-3 days. Cialis works in a similar way like Viagra - increases the blood flow to the genitals.

Cialis is a drug and though it is sold in Canada without a prescription, it is important to have a consultation with your doctor before taking tadalafil or sildenafil from Canada against impotence (ED). Keep in mind, that Canadian generic Cialis must not be taken with alcohol and some other drugs. In case of severe side-effects from Cialis(tadalafil) please contact a specialist as soon as possible.

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by Steve (18 Aug 2013)
Both drugs are great, except that Cialis works longer (and is more expensive). I suggest changing from Viagra to Cialis and backwards from time to time since you might get tolerant after taking the same drug for a while.
by Daniel (25 Aug 2013)
Does anybody know what is the difference beetween average Viagra/Cialis and generic ones that are sold so cheaply in Canada at online pharmacies? Do they work at all?
by Alex Sauber (8 Sep 2013)
Where can I buy generic Viagra that is not fake? I don't feel like paying the doc again just to get a prescription for sildenafil.
by Rob (4 Oct 2013)
Daniel, generic versions that they sell online actually have the same compound - sildenafil and tadalafil. As far as I know it's just a marketing and copyright thing since only Pfizer has the right to use the brand name Viagra. That's why they call it generic Viagra or Silagra and similar. Same drug, same components, just different manufacturers.
by Daniel (2 Nov 2013)
Thanks Rob!